Alright, I know this video is a bit out of the norm for this blog, but I just had to post it. I was at work the other day and this group of Asian dudes were watching it and for some reason I just couldn’t stop watching the damn thing. And once it was done with, the fucking song was stuck in my head for the entire day.

I keep asking myself “why does that dude have a rope around his neck?” and “why do they keep touching their faces?” and “why is there random bits in English?”and “why is there so many of them?”….and so so so many more questions….

Anyways I’m sorry for sharing this….but I had to.

The name of the group is Super Junior and the song is “Mr. Simple”

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    it’s insane how happy I am every time I hear about non Kpop fans liking SJ ;3;
  2. delllllla said: Welcome to the world of K-pop! This is totally normal in Korea. The music is so catchy I can’t help but love it. Big Bang and 2PM are way better than SuperJunior
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