A song and video about gay pirates?

Yes please!

This is Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis

Excellent music video.

Happy Siblings Day!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Siblings Day!!!!!!!!!!

Another beautiful Ben Morey song.

It is 4 years old and only has 16,000 views.

Fucking travesty.

Ben Morey - I’m Scared of a Lot of Things

I think this one is my favorite.

This song is 4 years old and doesn’t even have 40,000 views.


This dude deserves so much more attention.

Love his songs.

Ben Morey - Couches in My Head

Mason Jennings - Keepin’ It Real

"There ain’t no rust on the happiness bus"

Belle Brigade - Losers

Don’t scroll past this song. Give it a listen. You’ll love it. I promise.

Mason Jennings - Wilderness

This man is a true poet. I can’t even handle it sometimes.

Who knew a one string guitar could sound so good?

Loving this guy!

Brushy One String - Chicken in the Corn

What a stellar idea for a music video!

I highly recommend watching in Full HD for the best results.

The song isn’t too bad either.

I used to love looking at stereograms as a child. This takes them to a whole other level.

Share if you’re able to see it properly.

Young Rival - Black Is Good

This song hypnotizes me, and the video does just the same. Unlike anything you’ve ever heard.
 So sexy.

Fiona Apple - Hot Knife