The voice of Baloo from The Jungle Book singing about cigarettes. I picked this up randomly at a garage sale after I recognized the name on the front cover of the vinyl. It has to be one of the best garage sale finds I’ve ever made and probably the best $1 I’ve ever spent. This is classic!!!! They don’t make performers like this popular anymore.

Phil Harris - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke

This scene always makes me feel like a dork…
…because sometimes

                  I like disco

This scene always makes me feel like a dork…

…because sometimes

                  I like disco

I had to follow up that last video with this beauty.

Jimmy Kimmel - Fucking Ben Affleck

This song popped up on my shuffle tonight and I had to watch the video. Its been a while, but still really hilarious an super catchy. Worth a re-watch.

Sarah Silverman - I’m Fucking Matt Damon

You can’t not like this song or this video.

You should probably unsubscribe if you do.

The Belle Brigade - Where Not To Look For Freedom

Do you remember this?

Bravo Allstars - Let The Music Heal Your Soul

So bad….but so good

I hope most of my followers like cats.

This is “Sloopy” by Rod McKuen, one of my favorite poets. We writes about his cats often.

If you like spoken word poetry, definitely check it out.

A song and video about gay pirates?

Yes please!

This is Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis

Excellent music video.

Happy Siblings Day!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Siblings Day!!!!!!!!!!

Another beautiful Ben Morey song.

It is 4 years old and only has 16,000 views.

Fucking travesty.

Ben Morey - I’m Scared of a Lot of Things

I think this one is my favorite.